29 January 2006


The last few week since I have been away have given me a further insight into life. Things change, opinion varies and the world moves with them. After a recent death in the family I have changed my views slightly.
My relative became ill. My first thoughts were with the training I have received.
Right lets get some fluids up to rehydrate lets change the medication to combat the confusion and assist with the AF and a broad spectrum antibiotic for the infection.
I was then asked why?
Who was I trying to save?
me or them?

I thought about it more and more. It was difficult to accept that I was wanting to treat for me so I could say I tried. Until that point I had not really been objective. If this had been someone else family and we had been called we would have considered quality of life and wishes of the individual as well as that of the family. Because this was so close I thought I could so I should not I could so should I?

We attended the funeral a couple of weeks ago now, I think it was the right treatment choice to make comfortable but it doesn't make it any easier for anyone.
But we live and learn and what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.


Blogger Kal said...

"I was then asked why?
Who was I trying to save?
me or them?"

Fantastic point.

Thinking of you both, gimme a call if you need to rant.

10:20 am  

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