18 February 2006


Ok for those not aware agenda for change is coming to the publication stage
and we are not happy
Covering Wages conditions contracts of employment
not that we thought we would get a fair deal but we were ever hopeful

So we now have bandings
are they the same as was expected --- yes
are they the same across the country -- no

Paramedics get to move into band 5 at the very top so you can't really move anywhere and there are no incriments, no additional for long service, for training qualifications, instructor qualifications, APEL pretty much anything so where is the value for the staff where is the incentive to better ones self.
how do you motivate staff when you treat them so badly
YOU can't

so lets all move to west yorkshire or surrey and be in band 5 for techs and 6 for paras

grump over
Forward with the appeal


Blogger stoogs said...

Your right, A4C is a nightmare. I'm sorry if I ranted in my blog re Paramedics and Technicians, I just feel sorry for both myself and the rest of the service who have been "Shafted by the Unions".

1:04 pm  

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