24 March 2006


'Rant warning'
Ok so I think I am a coffee snob. I hear you denying it but, I think it is true and I must confess. Real coffee made well is an art form however it seems to be a dying art.

Across the world I am sure there are many places which make very good coffee. Late last year I visited a coffee plantation in Mareeba, Cairns. A long way to go for a cup of coffee but what a cup. As the group of us drove into the car park of the plantation and parked our tonka toy. There were ambulance, fire and police 4x4s with people walking back to them with coffee's in hand. In OZ that is a great recommendation. I had the best coffee I have ever had at that plantation, ok it was followed by another and another for the journey and some packets of coffee for home. But it really was great.

I bring this up because Last night I spent an amazing dinner out at 'The Seafood Restaurant' in St Andrews the food was amazing each dish lovingly prepared. A taste extravaganza with each bit. I kid you not the meal was delicious. I then ordered coffee. I differed slightly from my tradition in that I had a caffitier instead of an expresso.
what arrived was a very average cup of coffee yes it was coffee tasting it was dark and wet, but the quality of the food had set a standard, it lead you to believe it would be good if not great. I was disappointed so I asked if something could be done could they have another attempt, they did and it was the same.
I just feel that with the standard of food they provide and a wine list to die for they should possibly spend a little more time on their coffee.

As I said at the start I am a coffee snob and some people get embarrassed when I send coffee back, but if you are paying for something why should you settle. If this was on the continent they would be complaining.
I feel that if a bar or coffee shop have a proper machine and the staff can't use it properly or if they can't make a proper coffee by the third attempt I am quite happy to go behind the bar and make it myself and show them how. This has happened on a number of occasions now. On one occasion I made two coffees and gave one to the chap behind the bar, who thanked me and said it was really good and he didn't realize that the machine could make coffee like that. He then charged me for the coffee I had made myself.
I don't really think that's fair but in the end it was a good cup of coffee.

'Rant over'

Visit the restaurant it is well worth it you will not be disappointed The Seafood Restaurant


Blogger olivia said...

I quite agree with you! Decent coffee is becoming virtually impossible to get hold of unless one makes it oneself - and I blame organisations such as Starbucks for this trend ..... Well done for making a stand and complaining.

11:49 am  
Blogger Dona said...

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