26 January 2007

Learning has taken place

So we are back to the new year. Real patients, clinicians and new topics.
We have started with Dermatology (skin for those that are not of the medical persuasion) I start this block with some ideas of what was involved and how to treat it.
This ideas was formed and assisted with some of the friends I have that are working in medicine at present.

"Yeah don't worry about it, there are loads of conditions but only three treatments.
if it's wet dry it
if it's dry wet it
give steroids."

I am happy to say I know know more and find the subject, I am loathed to admit it, interesting. But in real terms there are only a few more treatment. apart from the above

You can give
Leave it alone

and when in doubt cut it out.

I am enjoying the subject and now have the ability to identify loads of different changes in the body surface.
this in future will allow me to avoid shaking hands with contagious people.

Did you know

The skin is the largest of the body organs.
And you can wear away the entire top layer with 30 strips of sellotape.
these are just some of the interesting facts I found out this last two weeks.



Blogger Digitalkatie said...

Didn't we all learn that the largest organ is the skin during the game/cake of Operation at new year?!

Glad the course is going well :-)

9:47 am  
Blogger scotsmedicman said...

your lectures must be boring if you're contemplating tape for self harm...

As digitalkatie says, glad you're enjoying course

9:26 am  
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